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Heal yourself and change your life—starting from the inside out!

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With Dr. Cassandra Schamber, MD


Now you can learn my natural healing methods too.

That statement may be completely different from what you’ve been told before.

However after twenty years of working as a physician, including more than a decade of managing chronic pain, I've guided countless patients to use their inner power to heal their body and transform their life.

  • If you haven't gotten enough relief from traditional western medicine...
  • If you are still suffering from physical or emotional pain...
  • If you are ready to try a revolutionary new way of healing...

Learn how to understand your inner self in a whole new way, and change your body and your life.

Learn how to use the New Healing Connection to address the root cause of your issue
  • Learn how to get more energy .
  • Learn how to feel emotions — including the uncomfortable ones — in a new, safe way.
  • Learn how to identify unhealthy thought patterns and heal them.
  • Unearth ways that your tribes affect you.
  • Recognize how your intuition is different from your thoughts and emotions, and use it to make healing decisions.
  • Understand how your dramas affect you and resolve conflicts for good.
  • Get to the root of painful traumas.
  • Realize the power of your life roles (archetypes).

You have more power than you can imagine—power to heal yourself and change your life—starting from the inside out.

Dr. Cassandra has helped her patients overcome the root cause of issues that present symptoms such as:

Chronic pain
Chronic stress
Chronic illness
Unresolved dramas
Anger issues
Persistent worrying
Unresolved grief
Work dissatisfaction
Persistent regrets
...and more


Real breakthroughs achieved by Dr. Cassandra's students: