New Healing Connection Course Companion Books Are Available!

I’m so excited to announce that the companion books for the New Healing Connection course are now available!

When I was creating the course my patients asked me if the information would be available in print form. I realized that we all have different learning styles. Although videos, audio downloads, and the computer are very popular, there is something special about having the tangible experience of holding a physical book in your hands.

The Course Lessons book contains all the transcripts from the 52 lessons in the course. Use it as a companion for the online videos and audios or use it as your primary source of information about the New Healing Connection. Click here to see a free PDF preview.

If the process of writing and journaling helps you integrate new ideas into your life, you can use the Course Companion Workbook as another tool. It contains all the exercises in the course with space for you to write your answers and keep a journal. Click here for a free PDF preview.

It’s such a thrill for me to have this information available for anyone who needs it!

Click here to get to learn more about the New Healing Connection books.