One-on-One  Coaching with

Dr. Cassandra

Did you know that feeling your anger, sadness, and even fear may help you heal your chronic pain?!!

If you have chronic pain, you may feel like it's impossible to heal. You may have tried a lot of different treatments, but nothing seems to work. You may be frustrated because your efforts at meditation, mindfulness, energy work, positive thinking, and any number of other healing practices have left you disappointed and still searching for the answers. You may have worked with other guides and teachers and feel like something is still missing. Maybe it seems like there are always obstacles getting in the way of your healing. Maybe your work situation is impossible or your family is unsupportive. 

Although it’s important to do the outer work — eating right, exercising and doing other therapies — if you feel like it hasn’t been enough, you may not have dealt with some of the really important aspects of healing that start inside of you.

I find that when people are feeling stuck and at a standstill with the changes they want to make, the answer often lies in emotions. There is a lot of confusion about emotions — what they are, where they come from and how to feel them in a healthy way. This is an area I focus on because this is where the big changes happen! 

Working with your emotions may sound scary and intimidating, but if you understand them and learn how to work with them in a healthy way (without hurting yourself or others), you will change your life!

When you work with me you'll learn a new approach to transforming your life. I'll help empower and guide you as you access your own healing power and inner expertise.


Things we’ll work on:

  • How to work with energy in a practical way — how to recognize when your energy is low and how to be more efficient as you spend it.
  • A revolutionary new way to deal with emotions — including anger, sadness, fear and shame — where you learn how to feel them in a healthy way and not hurt yourself or others. You'll get comfortable with them and they will lose their power over you.
  • A new approach for breaking unhealthy thought habits like excessive planning, worrying, regretting and judging.
  • How to recognize the ways that your tribes affect you and how to break free from unhealthy tribes.
  • A simple way to recognize your intuitive guidance and work with it to amplify your transformative power.
  • A practical way to deal with dramas and conflicts so you can get free of them for good.
  • How to work with your life roles, or archetypes, and change them to meet your needs and fulfill your destiny.


I focus on the mind-body-spirit connection. I have a history of working in family medicine and pain medicine before I started coaching. I use my understanding of Western medicine, complementary medicine and spirituality to help people get to the root of their pain and heal from within.

We'll work together to help you get to the root of your issue. You'll understand why it's happening, and I'll help you figure out how to heal the situation.



Frequently Asked Questions about the Coaching with the New Healing Connection Process


  • You can book a free 15-minute Discovery Call, a 60-Minute Session or a Special 5-Pack of Sessions.  
  • If you choose the Special 5-Pack of Sessions, the frequency and timing of sessions will depend on your individual situation. You can book them all at once, or we can plan your sessions as we go. If you book them all at once, schedule them at least 1 or 2 weeks apart. 
  • Refunds are given for cancellation at least 24 hours before your scheduled 60-Minute Session (or at least 24 hours before the first Session of the Special 5-Pack). 
  • You can choose either video, telephone, or in-person sessions at my office at 2820 Piedmont Avenue, Suite A in Duluth, Minnesota.
  • The Free Discovery Call is not recorded, but all other sessions are if you desire. 

Free Discovery Call


  • 15-Minute Video/Phone Call
  • Ask about the process
  • Find out if we're a good fit
  • See if this work is right for you
  • No-cost, no obligation
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60-Minute Coaching Session


  • Video, phone or in-person session, recorded if you desire
  • Get one-on-one support and guidance from Dr. Cassandra
  • Fill out a Coaching Intake Questionnaire prior to the session to help us both prepare 
  • Full free access to the New Healing Connection course, including audio downloads and transcripts ($97 value)
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Special 5-Pack of Sessions


  • Five 60-minute video, phone or in-person sessions
  • Save $200 ($120 each)
  • Full free access to the New Healing Connection course, including audio downloads and transcripts ($97 value)
  • Receive all 3 New Healing Connection books in paperback/PDF eBook format free ($63.85 value)
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